Freight visibility | Navisphere

Know where your freight is

Get greater freight visibility to predict disruptions and make smarter decisions to help ensure your products reach their destination—and your customers—on time.

Find the right freight visibility tools for your business

Know where your freight is now and where it’s going to be with clear and accurate shipment visibility across modes and regions. No matter your business need, we have visibility, tracking, and managed services to help achieve your goals.

Real-time location | logistics technology by C.H. Robinson

Accurate tracking

Easily see how shipments across your entire transportation network are trending toward your committed delivery dates with shipment tracking in Navisphere®. Take a proactive approach to shipping by taking immediate action and addressing potential disruptions in real-time.

Visibility to your inventory | Navisphere Vision

End-to-end visibility

See your entire inventory across all modes and transportation providers in real time—whether at rest or in motion—with Navisphere Vision, our software as a service (SaaS) technology. With visibility into all sources of information, you can better avoid disruptions and make smarter decisions across modes and regions.

Small business visibility | C.H. Robinson supply chain technology

Visibility for small business

Monitor your North American shipments with easy-to-use shipping tools that efficiently and proactively track your products anytime, anywhere.

TMS & ERP integrations | Digital connectivity by C.H. Robinson

Connect to your system

Optimize your transportation process with visibility to rates and shipments directly in your transportation management system (TMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, or visibility solution. Know where shipments are with visibility and predictive ETAs for orders across modes and regions in the system you already use.

More data. Better Visibility.

Get more reliable and accurate tracking information with the most connected logistics platform in the freight industry. With more than 40,000 carriers providing shipment data and connections to nearly all electronic logging devices—we are committed to helping you collect better tracking information from carriers.

Global logistics expertise exactly where you need it most

Trust TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, to leverage proactive visibility tools, manage exceptions, and mitigate risk on your behalf. Let us become an extension of your team.