Global TMS system

Global Transportation Management System (TMS)

Manage multiple regions and modes of transportation across your global supply chain, all from one unified platform.

What it means to be best-in-class

Get visibility where it matters most and break down supply chain bottlenecks with an end-to-end TMS that manages everything from planning and optimization to reporting and analytics.

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Manage risk

Handle crisis situations and increase supply chain resiliency with global industry trends and freight patterns.

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Improve cash flow

Automate and streamline invoicing and billing processes for consistent cash flow and payment processing.

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Satisfy customers

Deliver clear visibility to customers using agile inventory strategies and streamlined workflows that keep up with demand.

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Support business growth

Respond quickly to market changes, sudden spikes in demand, and growth opportunities, with solutions that scale.

Planning technology by C.H. Robinson

Planning & optimization

Keep your supply chain efficient and agile with proper planning. Make smart decisions by taking full advantage of multimodal planning tools that support all modes of transportation.

  • Purchase order management
  • Procurement
  • Transportation optimization
  • Digital connectivity
  • Demand planning
  • Sustainability
Pricing technology by C.H. Robinson

Pricing & booking

Get competitive rates, consistent capacity, and convenient pricing options with our easy-to-use, automated pricing solutions.

  • Manage contractual and spot market rates
  • Quote and book for small business
  • Real-time rates in your system
  • Bid management
  • Market rate benchmarking and analysis
Freight visibility | Navisphere Vision

Freight visibility

Increase your supply chain agility with real-time information and insights. Make quicker decisions on shipments around the globe with improved visibility—including instant updates and predictive ETAs—across all modes.

  • Real-time shipment visibility
  • Inventory visibility at rest and in motion
  • Predictive ETAs
  • Track and trace
Reporting & analytics technology by C.H. Robinson

Reporting & analytics

Improve on-time performance, reduce waste, and easily identify savings opportunities across your supply chain with enhanced reporting and analytics.

  • Bid analysis
  • Service performance
  • Transportation spend
  • Carbon emissions
  • Custom reporting
  • Market rate deconstruction
Female presenter at a white board | Managed Services by TMC a division of C.H. Robinson

Managed services

Gain instant access to scalable supply chain expertise and configurable resource plans from TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson, all while retaining full control of your carrier relationships.

  • Order management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Execution and exception management
  • Carrier & supplier management
  • Claims and supplier management
  • Performance monitoring

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Gain an objective of your TMS options with the latest research.

Tap into TMC for full control

Achieve your goals faster with managed services from TMC. The time is now to seamlessly connect, automate, and optimize your network with our technology. Discover how your business can extend its global reach through best-in-class tech, powered by world-class talent.

Frequently asked questions

Global transportation management systems can be complex. You have questions, we have answers.

Q: What is a transportation management system?

A transportation management system (TMS) is technology that simplifies shipping. You get better visibility to transportation activities in one single platform.

Q: What are the top features of a global TMS?

Not all TMS solutions offer global capabilities. These advanced systems provide a wider global reach for shippers and carriers. Truly global TMS’s can handle specific currency, language, tax, and tariff requirements across a variety of transportation modes, like ocean, air, road, and rail systems in a single, unified platform.

Look for a system that spans all continents with no discrete data hand-offs and provides visibility within the same operating environment rather than exporting and importing data into standalone systems.

Q: What are the benefits of a global TMS?

A sophisticated global transport management system has numerous capabilities that can help both shippers and carriers alike. Key TMS benefits include:

  • Shipment visibility
  • Risk management
  • Business intelligence
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Quality customer service
  • Demand forecast planning
  • Cost management and savings

Q: Is Navisphere a TMS?

Yes. Navisphere is a cloud-based global transportation management system. Along with state-of-the-art disaster recovery support, Navisphere covers the end-to-end processes needed for supply chain planning, execution, business intelligence, and freight payment capabilities. Navisphere supports shippers in all global regions, across all modes.

Q: Who uses Navisphere?

Shippers and carriers around the world can benefit from Navisphere’s robust tools. As a best-in-class global TMS, Navisphere helps businesses reduce the cost of freight, track deliveries in real time, improve customer service, and so much more. With almost 200,000 shippers and contract carriers on the platform, Navisphere is the world’s most connected logistics platform.

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